Power of Domain Names in SEO: Myth or Reality?

One such topic that has been debated for years is the significance of domain names. Do they really matter? Can a domain name make or break your SEO efforts?

Recently, Google’s John Mueller sparked a conversation on Mastodon, shedding light on this very topic. Here’s a breakdown of the discussion and what it means for businesses and marketers:

1. Dashes in Domain Names

Mueller initiated the conversation by addressing a common query: Is it recommended to have a dash (-) in the domain name? His response was clear. While dashes are acceptable, the primary focus should be on selecting a domain name that aligns with your brand’s long-term vision. He emphasized that while dashes might be slightly better than underscores in URLs, it’s not worth changing your existing URLs just for this minor advantage.

2. Keywords in Domain Names

The crux of the discussion revolved around the presence of keywords in domain names. Mueller’s stance was straightforward: “Your domain name is never going to make or break your SEO.” This statement sparked reactions, with some arguing that domain names containing relevant keywords could potentially enhance search visibility.

For instance, a domain with the term “health” might garner better click-through rates for health-related searches compared to a domain with an unrelated term like “mart.” However, it’s essential to note that many top-ranking websites use brand names in their domains, not necessarily keywords, and still achieve outstanding SEO results.

3. The Real Impact of Keywords in Domains

Mueller further clarified that while keywords in domains might offer some branding or marketing advantages, their SEO impact is likely minimal. He pointed out that the significance of a keyword in a domain is probably less than its mention on a webpage. Given this, is it worth the focus?

The SEO landscape has evolved dramatically over the years. Gone are the days when keyword-stuffed domains, titles, and headings were primary ranking factors. With advancements like natural language processing and BERT, the way sites are ranked has transformed.

4. The Black Box of Google’s Algorithm

The discussion also touched upon the “black box” nature of Google’s algorithm. While we can observe the inputs and outputs, the internal workings remain a mystery. This leads to speculations and assumptions about ranking factors, including the weightage of keywords in domain names.

Mueller’s perspective was pragmatic. He questioned the measurable SEO bonus one might get from having a keyword in the domain. After all, anyone can purchase a domain name, but does that make it relevant?

In the vast realm of SEO, it’s easy to get caught up in minute details. However, the key takeaway from this discussion is to prioritize long-term branding and meaningful content over perceived quick SEO wins. While domain names play a role in branding and user perception, their direct impact on SEO might not be as significant as once believed.

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Source: Search Engine Journal

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