Tips & Tricks to Boost Instagram Engagement

Instagram engagement is one of the most critical factors for effective social media management. The platform becomes more and more popular over the years, and businesses look into it as an effective advertising channel.

From the fashion industry to health and beauty and food and beverage, many small businesses owe their success to Instagram. The platform opened the doors to brand exposure by allowing users to like, comment, and share their posts, which brought in new customers who had otherwise never found their brand.

So, how can you enjoy the same benefits? Here are some tips and tricks we want to share with you to boost your Instagram engagement.

   1. Schedule Instagram Posts for Peak Times

This first trick is an oldie but a goodie. You can simply search up in Google the best times to post on certain social media platforms, and you’ll find results right away. However, it can get challenging as peak times vary pretty often. So, if you wanted to share content at a peak time, you basically have to be available to hit “post” whenever necessary, and that’s just impossible.

One option is to use online posting tools that allow you to schedule posts ahead of time. Another option is to work with a digital marketing agency like Synergy Eleven, which offers social media management along with a myriad of online marketing services. They have the expertise and experience how, when and what to post to take full advantage of Instagram’s peak times.

   2. Engage with Your Community

The Instagram algorithm prioritizes engagement, especially when it’s within the first hour of posting. The comments are just as crucial as the shares and likes, and the quicker you reply to those comments, the better your engagement rate becomes.

Make sure to reply back to everyone as quickly as possible, as this instantly doubles your engagement. But instead of responding close-ended comments like “Thanks!”, hit back with a question or statements that provoke commenters to comment back—to engage in actual conversation. This sends a message to the Instagram algorithm that you have rapport, making your posts more likely to show up in their feed.

A Pro-Tip: Post a question in the comments section and pin it as the first comment to increase your chances of getting more comments from your audience!

   3. Make Use of Instagram Stories

One way to keep your content at the top of your community’s feed is to post stories regularly. Instagram stories are right there at the top, so even if users do not find your posts in their feeds, which can happen most of the time, hopefully, they will find you up there.

Plus, many users like viewing Stories more than scrolling through their feed, so be there for those users who prefer to lurk up there and still have engaging posts in your feed for everyone else.

   4. Find More Ways to Interact

Apart from replying to comments, find more ways to collaborate and interact with your followers. Some of the most effective content types that boost engagement are:

  • Tutorials – to build trust and make followers believe in your brand’s expertise.
  • Contests – to ask users to do something for them to join. By nature, social media contests are engaging since they encourage followers to like, share, and comment on posts.
  • Behind the scenes – to take your followers behind the curtain and show them how you made your latest product or marketing campaign. People love the “making of” type of videos as it takes them beyond what most people see in the forefront.

These are just a few of the many tricks you can do to boost your Instagram engagement—along with strategic hashtagging and posting more frequently. If you’re one of those businesses that want to take advantage of this online marketing platform, check out Synergy Eleven’s social media management services.