6 Essential SEO Strategies

Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, and what worked yesterday may not be effective tomorrow. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of six essential SEO strategies you should focus on right now, inspired by insights from Search Engine Journal. These strategies will not only help you rank higher on search engines but also attract new clients for your marketing services.

1. Topic Taxonomy Over Keywords

The Old Way:

Traditionally, SEO was all about stuffing your content with keywords. The more keywords you had, the better your chances of ranking higher.

The New Way:

Search engines have evolved to understand webpages in terms of topics and subtopics, often referred to as “topic taxonomy.” Instead of focusing solely on keywords, consider the broader subject matter and its relevant subtopics. This approach makes your content more coherent and easier for search engines to understand.

Pro Tip: Create a content outline that lists the main topic and its relevant subtopics before you start writing.

2. Stay On Topic, Always

The Pitfall:

Many websites suffer from “topic drift,” where the content starts to veer off into unrelated areas.

The Solution:

Be comprehensive but stay on topic. Google’s algorithms are getting better at understanding natural language, and off-topic content can harm your rankings.

Pro Tip: Always review your content to ensure it aligns with the main topic and its relevant subtopics.

3. Optimize Your Featured Images

Why It Matters:

Google’s new Search Generative Experience (SGE) displays a thumbnail of your webpage’s featured image alongside the title and meta description.

How to Optimize:

Choose a colorful and centered featured image that grabs attention. Avoid dark or off-center images that can be easily overlooked.

Pro Tip: Test different featured images to see which one performs best in terms of click-through rates.

4. Originality Wins

The Problem:

Many websites complain about being indexed but not ranking. One reason is the lack of original content.

The Solution:

Google values unique and high-quality content. Instead of mimicking what your competitors are doing, focus on creating content that offers something different and valuable.

Pro Tip: Use competitor analysis to understand their strengths and weaknesses, but never copy their strategies.

5. Be Cautious with ‘People Also Ask’

What’s the Issue:

Many content creators use Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ (PAA) feature to find subtopics. However, not all suggestions are relevant.

The Solution:

Use PAA judiciously. Some suggestions may be broader than your main topic and can make your content less relevant.

Pro Tip: Instead of relying solely on PAA, consult salespeople or social media to understand what questions consumers are asking about the product or topic.

6. Authenticity is Non-Negotiable

The Reality:

Google is getting better at catching fake links, fake authors, and fake reviews, thanks to AI technologies like SpamBrain.

The Takeaway:

Authenticity is key. Any shortcuts to create an impression of expertise or authority are likely to backfire.

Pro Tip: Focus on building genuine backlinks and creating authentic content to establish trust and authority.

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all strategy; it’s an ever-changing game. By focusing on these six essential strategies, you can stay ahead of the curve and continue to deliver exceptional results for your clients. Remember, the key to successful SEO is not just about ranking higher but also about providing value to your audience.

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Source: Search Engine Journal

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